Rat Kitty

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Interesting and Odd Web links

In no particular order are some interesting and sometimes odd weblinks that I spend way too much time reviewing.. Drumroll please!

And speaking of food...We watched an episode of "food finds"on the Food (http://www.foodtv.com) Network and were intrigued by this outfit: http://www.Chipofthemonth.com We have ordered these, and it is a lot of fun to sample different flavors from local chip vendors. Too bad there is not any more competition for this product: Chip-of-the-Month doesn't offer enough variety of shipping options.

When we travel on the Road-we always look for one of these.

http://www.webwasteland.com the name says it all. Want to read if your favorite celebrity has an arrest record? then http://www.thesmokinggun.com is for you. If you are familiar with that trustworthy (ha-ha) tabloid, The Weekly World News, then you are familiar with the legend of BatBoy-(Half Bat and Half Boy !!). Well somebody went and made a musical out of this gripping story...http://www.batboy-themusical.com and we have tickets for the local production at Theatre Three. Lots of fun in the vein of Little Shop of Horrors.